Forte per natura

YEAR: 2020
Amaro Milone – Motion Graphics spot

Amaro Milone evokes the atmosphere of that part of Calabria where the warriors and the Krotonia athletes were the strongest in all of Magna Grecia.  Kroton, its capital, was famous for the fertility of the vegetation, the beauty of its women and the healthiness of the territory.

In addition to the body, the thought of the philosopher was nourishing the mind Pythagoras that echoed on the Lacinio Promontory in the wood of the Temple dedicated to the goddess Hera Lacinia. A sacred, luxuriant wood, full of medicinal plants and herbs, citrus and fruits that athletes often ate and in which they used to train.

Keeper of the secrets of the temple was the most valiant athlete of all antiquity: Milone di Kroton. The strongest of all, today the custodian of the recipe.