Pitagora VR - il corpo e l’anima

Virtual reality experience

YEAR: 2019
Virtual Agorà

The Virtual Agorà association wants to create a perfect combination of technological innovation and social innovation. The heart of the project is a traveling museum based on a virtual experience entitled: Pythagoras VR – body and soul. Wearing the viewer, the viewer will be catapulted into the past and will be able to listen to the tales of the philosopher. When Pythagoras arrived in Crotone, the great Magna Graecia city was in a period of depression due to the recent defeat against little Locri: Pythagoras then proposed to revive society and reform all men, so that Crotone could return to shine. Our virtual Pythagoras has the same intent and, telling its story and the various peculiarities of philosophy and the Pythagorean School, will try to reform the current Croton which, even today, needs a remodeling under various aspects.

The project is an initiative of a group of young people from the city of Crotone following the participation in Giovani e Futuro Comune , a idea of ​​Goodwill the city of ideas, in collaboration with the Con Il Sud Foundation, the Vodafone Italia Foundation, Talent Garden Cosenza, Gioffoni Innovation Hub, Lavoradio, Heroes and 012 Factory.


Being alongside Ludovica, Giulia and Nicoll today is essential, because it goes in the direction of our vision. We aim to build synergies and collaborations so that we can reach the growth and development of our territory. For us, today, in addition to the business and the emotion linked to the event, there is the will to give a strong signal contrary to what has happened to date.


A special thanks goes to the Officina Kreativa team, pioneers in this field who took care of the development of the software used for the virtual tour.

Nicoll Tallarico – content manager