3D Computer Graphics (CGI): Motion Graphics, Video Mapping and Holograms

Nobody counts the number of ads you run, what they remember is the impression you make – Bill Bernbach.

It was true in Medison Evenue in the 1950s, and it is even more true today. To stand out from an ever wider competitive landscape, it is essential to be unique, to create a kind of communication different from the ordinary, memorable.

In this article you will discover how new technologies can make your communication disruptive and exclusive.

The CGI is a application of 3D computer graphics for creating special effects in advertising, music videos and high impact events . Your brand has no limits anymore.

Motion graphics

For the creation of a video it is not always necessary to shoot environments or people, in fact it can
use only motion graphics without hiring a film crew, taking trips or address those complexities that derive from having to physically recreate certain settings in the real world.

Through motion graphics it is possible to create special effects that would be impossible to reproduce in a real context. This genre is spreading more and more for its high impact communicative power, able to immediately attract the target audience.

By using objects such as animated scenes and graphics, the ability of the video to engage the audience is greatly increased.

Video Mapping

Video mapping is a projection technology used to transform objects , often irregular in shape, in a viewing surface for video projection.

These objects can be complex industrial landscapes (such as buildings), small objects, theater stages or led walls.

This technique is used by artists and advertisers to achieve extra dimensions and optical illusions on previously static objects.


Change the way you communicate with your customers, create high promotional content for your business which are able to excite and involve.

With interactive holographic showcases you will finally be able to display products and messages in an innovative way with CGI animations that can also interact with physical products. It will be possible to change the display of your showcase in a shorter time and lower costs.

You can get the same result inside the store or at trade fairs, using of holographic display and boxes .

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