Innovative Startup: Mentorship, Coaching and Software Development

Officina Kreativa puts at your complete disposal the experiences and skills of all the crew to help you launch or accelerate your startup project. We can create a better world together.


As a program participant, you will be joined by a experienced mentor who will guide you through our carefully planned five-part mentoring journey.

Over the course of twelve weeks and with the support of your mentor, you will be equipped with tools, skills and knowledge to understand and realize the social change you desire, through innovation and doing business .

Startup Coaching

You will also have the opportunity to directly apply what you have learned by being driven to
planning and creating your high social impact project .

Our Startup Coaching program introduces frameworks for problem solving, product development and process management: Design Thinking and Lean Startup .

Software Development


-User experience design
-Dev team coordination and control
-Commented code
-Design and execution of alpha tests, beta tests and results analysis
-Defect and release management
-Installation and roll-out / testing of the application

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