3D Hologram: reality or science fiction?


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16 November 2023

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3D hologram company: what does it mean? Before delving into the details about what a 3D hologram company does, it is essential to clarify the topic. When the term 3D hologram is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind for many is Star Wars. So, it’s time to debunk this myth.

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As perceived in the common imagination, 3D Holograms do not exist

Let’s immediately dispel a false myth: the 3D hologram, understood as a three-dimensional beam of light projected into empty space, does not exist. It’s science fiction (at least until now), and now we’ll understand why.

Light contains the entire spectrum of colors. An object appears a certain color because it absorbs part of the spectrum while reflecting another part. Specifically, the object appears the color of the light it reflects. It enters the eye through the cornea and thus the phenomenon of sight occurs.

As is well known, light does not reflect in the air, so any three-dimensional image we project into the air will not be visible.

The true meaning of hologram

The beam of light must land on a specific surface which, through the effect of reflected light, generates the holographic projection.

Holography is the technique upon which a hologram is based. It involves directing a beam of light toward a semi-transparent mirror which, through refraction, generates two beams. One of the beams is directed towards the subject/image to be reproduced, and the other (called the reference beam) via a system of mirrors used to create three-dimensionality, arrives to illuminate the recording medium, which is the surface where the subject will be reproduced (a plate of photosensitive material). The interference between the reference beam and the reflected light from the subject generates the hologram recorded on the plate.

Today we have various technologies available to create a 2D or 3D hologram (or we could say, holographic effect) such as holographic displays, holographic showcases, specialized all-in-one systems with new technology, smoke surfaces generated by atomizing water on which to project animations, films or transparent crystals for specific projections and holographic fans. The possibilities for a 3D hologram company are vast. Officina Kreativa can recommend the best setup for your project. 

Except for holographic fans, the basic principle remains the same as explained earlier: the beam of light must land on a specific surface, which, through the effect of reflected light, generates the holographic projection.a 

How does the holographic fan work

On the other hand, the holographic fan works differently. 

The fan blades, rotating at extremely high speeds, become invisible to the human eye, forming a flat surface where LEDs turning on and off reproduce the hologram (images or videos). 

A depth effect is achieved through transparency. Our eye perceives the hologram as floating in the air because it is possible to see beyond due to the transparency, but in reality, it is simply an optical illusion.

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Is it possible to manipulate a 3d hologram like Iron Man?

Through specific sensors, it is possible to create the perception of manipulating a hologram with our hands. In reality, a very precise sensor records the movements of the hands and reflects them in the 3D environment. You are moving a 3D object in a virtual computer environment. The movement of the object is then projected in real-time.

We can say that 3D holograms are a bit like magic shows. Magic doesn’t really exist and behind every performance there’s a trick. However, the trick is not visible and the result is spectacular. So it’s perfectly fine that way.

Within this Wired article, there is mention of a university research endeavor regarding a hologram created with sound waves.


Application of holograms in our daily life

Trade Shows

You can showcase your entire collection of watches, jewelry, cars, and any other product simply using a holographic projection kit (selected based on the content to be displayed). This reduces travel and exhibition area rental costs while significantly enhancing the commercial and communicative impact of your sales activities.


With holographic shop windows, you can creatively display products and messages with computer-generated animations that can also interact with physical products. In marketing terms, this means limitless creativity for your shop window arrangements and increased engagement for your target audience.


What about corporate presentations? Being able to manipulate images, videos, and floating text in the air will skyrocket audience attention. It’s just an optical illusion, but we won’t tell anyone.

Museums, art galleries, concerts, and other artistic performances

Imagine having a conversation with Leonardo da Vinci next to the Mona Lisa as he tells you the story behind the painting. Perhaps it’s better than an anonymous and boring metal plaque, don’t you think?

If you’re a musician, have you ever thought about playing alongside your holographic clone using a different instrument?

Entertainment Events

Paths for both children and adults: a space to play and interact with virtual content together with friends. A new, educational, and engaging way to have fun.


What awaits us in the future?

We don’t know with certainty what the future holds, but technology is evolving exponentially, and the possibilities will be incredible. For instance, we can soon imagine making holographic calls where your conversation partner virtually materializes in your office.

If you are interested in the world of CGI applied to the events industry, take a look at this article: Virtual Scenography for Events: Officina Kreativa revolutionizes your show!


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