Evento internazionale Mirabilia 2019

Matera capitale europea della cultura 2019

YEAR: 2020
Evento internazionale Mirabilia 2019

On the dates of 18 and 19 November 2019 the exhibition “La Grande Bellezza” was held in Matera, a different and innovative exhibition. Through a virtual journey it was possible to immerse yourself in a parallel world and discover the role that artisans have played over the years, how they have influenced the history of the territories involved.

The “La Grande Bellezza” project has enhanced the main artistic crafts artifacts through new digital technologies, with the aim of letting the world know that there is a new way of knowing the past and its traditions! A more fun, easier way.

Officina Kreativa has developed the entire experience in virtual reality for the customer. He also created the design of the brand , a perfect fusion between the creative genius of the craftsman and technological innovation, and all the different points of contact between the exhibition and the visitors: website, brochures and scenographic set-up.

Finally, we produced the video mapping for the opening and closing of the event. Video mapping is an animation technique that turns any type of surface into a display. It consists of projecting animations onto flat or complex surfaces such as polygons or buildings. Thanks to this technique it is possible to obtain incredible scenographies or create real 3D digital shows that generate the so-called wow effect .


It was a great honor to use new technologies to enhance a sector as precious as artistic craftsmanship in Italy.


“Through the use of new technologies, with professionalism all from Crotone such as Officina Kreativa srl, we have created a new way of enhancing crafts that tell millenary stories, creating a wonderful combination of past and future that I am sure will garner appreciation and consent.” – Alfio Pugliese president of the Chamber of Commerce of Crotone.