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Officina Kreativa aims to become a point of reference in the world for computer generated imagery, known to all as CGI. This famous acronym is a 3D computer graphics application for creating digital special effects in films, television, advertising, video games, music videos and high-impact events. We also use augmented reality and virtual reality to create new ways of communicating, educating and entertaining.

Where are you going?

WE WILL drive YOU to THE destination, THROUGH EVERY STep

To discover how to use augmented and virtual reality
To use 3D computer graphics
for my business
To advertise my business with 3d animation techniques
To start an innovative business idea

Our most beautiful trips

Showreel 2020 - CGI​




Our spacecraft is over 350 square meters, entirely open-space and dedicated to innovation and technology.

A space where the future becomes present, where minds mingle and they are contaminated with creative ideas and projects.

Our engines are training, consultancy, research and development.
The place where ideas come to life and become reality.

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Officina Kreativa is a innovation center dedicated to 3D computer graphics - CGI - virtual reality and augmented reality ; container of professionalism and experience.

It was born from a common vision: to transform Calabria (southern Italy) into a small Silicon Valley.

Our mission is to create a startup ecosystem that can drive innovation throughout the Mediterranean and use new technologies to achieve a "WOW" result.

The new frontiers of digital make it possible to impact the world and make it a better place.

Each of us can contribute, because sometimes the difference between dream and reality lies in a paper, a pen and a team. We are trying ... and you?



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