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Virtual scenography for events: Officina Kreativa revolutionizes your show

Officina Kreativa turns events into unforgettable experiences using advanced virtual design, creating engaging 3D virtual scenography for events that captures the audience’s imagination.

Virtual scenography on ledwall

Officina Kreativa produces custom 3D animation videos for ledwall technologies, enriching the storytelling of a theatrical performance, amplifying the atmosphere of a concert, enhancing the experience of an art exhibition, or adding a touch of innovation to a corporate event.

The created virtual settings and tailored creative animations add an extra dimension to events, captivating the audience’s imagination and transporting spectators to a world of fantasy and wonder. Officina Kreativa is committed to providing captivating and engaging visual content, ensuring that each event stands out for its originality and lasting impact.

3D 360° projection mapping: a unique immersive experience

With the use of 3D 360° projection mapping, Officina Kreativa transforms event spaces into immersive environments. The projection surrounds spectators, transporting them into worlds created specifically for the event.

Officina Kreativa also creates architectural video mapping shows and micro-mapping on scenic objects. To learn more, visit this link: 3D Projection Mapping Show.

Futuristic holograms

Thanks to Officina Kreativa’s advanced holographic installations, events come to life with the magic of holograms. With the ability to project three-dimensional images that appear suspended in the air, holograms add a futuristic and enchanting touch to every exhibition, show, concert, or corporate event. The creative use of holograms transforms environments, creating unique and unforgettable visual experiences for the audience.

Water projection: scenography on mist, the enchanting suspended hologram

Officina Kreativa utilizes water mist projection to create an extraordinary suspended holographic effect on the water. This innovative technique captures attention and leaves the audience enchanted, providing unforgettable moments.

Virtual scenography for events | scenografie virtuali per eventi

The CGI studio at Officina Kreativa provides clients with production and direction services for virtual scenography for events

If you are fascinated by the world of CGI applied to events, don’t miss the opportunity to delve deeper by consulting the detailed article available at the following link: virtual, augmented and mixed reality.

Officina Kreativa excels in the production and direction of virtual scenography for events. Moments of pure inspiration and beauty that leave a lasting imprint in the memories of every participant.

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