Calabria Movie Short Film Festival – 2° edition


Staff Officina Kreativa


27 August 2021

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The Festival

An opportunity to discuss the future of cinema in Calabria

The Calabria Movie – International Short Film Festival intends to build a meeting point between fans of the sector and professionals to enhance local cinema and also discuss the future of the seventh art in Calabria, as an essential part of relaunching the economy of the Region .

The second edition of the festival ended with great success a few days ago. Visit the website to find out more about the competing works and the winners.

The partnership with the Calabria Movie Short Film Festival

Officina Kreativa had the honor and burden of directing the event. Before the screening of the competing films, an extract of the new showreel was broadcast as an absolute preview on both evenings and will soon be accessible via the agency’s web channels.

Cine Talk

As a reference for VFX in Calabria, it was very interesting to discuss with the authors, the organizers of the Festival and the artistic direction of the Calabria Film Commission about the future of cinema in Calabria and how the skills of Officina Kreativa can support the organization in question in order to have innovative studios in the Calabrian territory that are projected into the future, a future where the concept of post-production is replaced by the new frontier of real-time virtual production and LED wall technology takes over from place of the green screen.

Utopia or reality?

Adopting this new work-flow would mean obtaining shorter production times and greater awareness of the scene for directors and actors. They would no longer have to work by imagining the scene in front of a green wall, but rather visualize it as it really is. It is easy to understand how the yield can only be drastically higher.

Having cutting-edge studios in Calabria would mean becoming an option for all national and international productions. A very important economic and cultural driving force for the growth of the territory.

Utopia or reality?

We look forward to seeing you next year at the third edition of the Calabria Movie International Short Film Festival!

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